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With more than 87.5 million visitors (in 2013), France remains the first tourist destination worldwide, and we are very proud of it. With 6 million visitors, Lyon ranks behind Paris, the French Riviera, the Loire castles, the Bordeaux vineyards and the Alps, the first ski area worldwide.

We have imagined this site for you to feel like having a 2 or 3-day break in Lyon and make you discover all the historic, cultural, artistic richnesses as well as its heritage, without forgetting the gastronomy.

LYONPICURIEN offers its services to all French and international tourist operators, coach businesses, travel agencies and tour operators so as to relieve them from all the logistic operations for their tourist or business clientele from their arrival in Lyon to their return or departure to another region. It also allows them to have

a unique contact to talk to who will be able to meet their clients’ specific requests, from family clientele in 2** and 3*** hotels to a business clientele or demanding VIP of 4**** and 5***** hotels. We can handle groups from 4 to 100 persons.

Thanks to you, we aim at increasing the tourist attractiveness of Lyon and hope you will become the best ambassadors of the “arts of well-living” in Lyon.


To organize the discovery of Lyon that suits you the best, according to your interests, the time you have, your style, your budget, what you feel like doing….

Offer yourself the services of a local tourist professional to manage your timing and your budget and not to miss essential landmarks.

Let us take care of yourself and benefit from our expertise and our partner network who will be delighted to show you the treasures of Lyon and will make you feel like coming back.


If a professional travel to Lyon must above all be dedicated to work, it would be a shame not to benefit from a sightseeing tour of our beautiful town during your free time. Do not hesitate to ask for the services of a local tourist professional to manage all the logistics of your professional and extra-professional plannings.

Let us take care of yourself and benefit from our expertise and our partner network who will be delighted to show you the treasures of Lyons and will make you feel like coming back.


100% Lyonnais

100% from Lyon

Each member of our network was born in Lyon or has been adopted by Lyon, because, as Guignol says, “everybody can’t be from Lyon”.

Because we have a close and friendly relationship with those who know the treasures of Lyon, its history, its heritage, its gastronomy, it will be a pleasure for them to share their knowledge with you.

Expertise et sécurité à Lyon

100% Professionals

Each of our partners in charge of welcoming you in Lyon shares our will to please you, in respect of the professional tourist rules.

Our registration to assures you to benefit from our financial guarantee as well as our professional insurance. Our membership to the network will allow you to benefit from the strength of the 1st travel agency network in France (assistance, insurance, dispute, direct appeal)

Services à Lyon

100% available

Due to the fact that there are as many ways to discover Lyon as many wishes in each visitor, we create and  dapt your program according to your expectations, your interests, your rhythm, your budget and what you feel like doing.

24/24 and 7/7
Because a program may be changed at the last minute due to the bad weather conditions or to the participants’ will, our availability and knowledge of the local environment permit to handle the situation and quickly offer a new program to meet your expectations.

Who are we?

A human size agency A partner network

Each link/person in the human chain who will serve you during your stay in Lyon is led by the same passion of what we undertake and wants to share it with you, around a drink, a table, in front of a work of art or in a pleasant setting. Our added value lies on the fact that we take the time to pay attention to your wishes, your tastes, your interests, your need to be independent or accompanied and to create a program that suits you.


Professionnelle, méthodique, attentionnée. Sa passion ?...


Since 2005, I have met every day passionate and fascinating professionals in their respective domains, guides, drivers, restaurant and hotel owners, wine waiters, ship captains, jazz club owners… some of them have become friends of mine, some others have always been my mates. I would like to introduce you Anne… to make you discover Lyon and all together, we will do our best to make you feel like coming back.

Hervé Rocle

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